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    Helping your loved ones with Mental Illness
    Healios provide with the skills and advice on how to help your loved one
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    Understanding More
    Healios provides you with the education to motivate you in your
    everyday journey when you care for someone with mental illness.
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    The Healios program
    A resource for families of people with mental illness
    Exclusively accessible via online video and telephone
    A team of professionals to guide you with your specific
    day-to-day challenges in helping your loved one
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    Our services
    - Single sessions
    - Monthly Subscription
    - Full Program
    - Healios Mobile Application

Healios is a resource exclusively designed for families and caregivers of people with a mental illness

Our goal is to empower families and caregivers to support
their loved ones in their recovery journey

Healios provides family psychoeducation which includes skills training and support to caregivers through highly trained healthcare providers. For ease of access, the caregiver has their sessions with the Healios practitioner via user-friendly video conferencing.

We work with the caregiver, and if possible, with their loved one's treatment team, to re-establish or improve those lines of communication that are necessary to optimize treatment success and recovery.

What is family psychoeducation?

Basic Facts on Family Psychoeducation:

A clinical approach, with patient outcomes as its primary focus (eg., reduced hospitalization) and family-member well-being as an intermediary goal.
Created and led by mental health professionals.
Offered as part of an overall clinical treatment plan for the ill individual (eg., person has to be in treatment for family to take part).
Considered as an "evidence based practice".
For more information about Family Psychoeducation please visit NAMI's website.

Who Do We Serve?

The Healios program serves families and caregivers of men and women age 18 and older struggling with these illnesses and disorders: